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Pioneer Village


205 South Hanselman Street, Bad Axe 


Bad Axe Historical Society Log Cabin Village 2023 Window Replacement Project

The Bad Axe Historical Society has been busy making much-needed improvements to the buildings and grounds that they maintain and operate. Our windows at the Log Cabin Village are in very rough condition with some of them falling out. We have estimates for the Amish to hand make new windows that will be custom fit for the log cabins including rough sawn wood on the exterior.

We are looking for Business and Personal Sponsors to donate the cost of a window which is $650 each; built, stained and installed. We realize not everyone can do that but you can help us by joining as member for as little as $10-$25, becoming a Patron Donor $50+, or donating any amount of your choosing. Every donation matters and adds up. We are a non-profit organization with no paid employees nor public funding. We need community support to carry on our mission of preserving history and making it accessible to our local community as well as MANY out of town/state visitors.



The PDF with more information and a membership/donor form can be viewed and printed by clicking here.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your consideration!!!



This historic village is the largest collection of authentically restored pioneer log buildings in Michigan.  The six individual museums include a pioneer home, general store, one room school, chapel, barn and a blacksmith shop.  They were originally built between 1875 and 1900 and moved to this site from elsewhere around Huron County, Michigan.  Each contain period artifacts and antiques that let the visitor step back in time and look into this area’s past. 

The last Sunday in June each year is Log Cabin Day in Michigan and is a special event at the Bad Axe village with added activities. 

The village is open Sunday afternoons from 2-4 pm during the summer months between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day.  Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated!

The chapel can be rented for weddings and special events in the village. There is a fee of $75. Contact Shelby Allen at 602-769-9666.


GENERAL STORE - The old-fashioned general store was often the heart of the town.  Not only did people buy necessities at the store, but it became a meeting place for villagers to share news and visit.  The Historical Society received many items donated by families who at one time had general stores in the area.  

BECKING SCHOOL - The Becking School was built in 1895 and the first teacher was Fred Linton who was paid $20.00 per month.  Besides teaching, he had to ready the school for use in the morning and clean up at the end of the day.   The school museum is a composite of what the 100 rural schools in Huron County would have been like.  The furniture fixtures, books, desks, etc. represent many of the old schools.  

BARN MUSEUM -   The barn is a symbol of Huron County life.  A highly agricultural, rural county, many of the items in the barn would have been used during everyday activities.  The barn exhibits include many items of farming equipment and machinery used over the years.  Early milking machines, seed planters, and bean sorters are on display.


LINTON MEMORIAL CHAPEL - The chapel represents the early days of worship in the county.  The Estey Reed Organ, lectern and matching chairs, a stained glass window, a 1890 family bible, pews and hymnals have been donated by churches and individuals from Huron County to furnish the chapel.   Several weddings a year still take place at the Linton Memorial Chapel.


ULLRICH FAMILY HOME - It was the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Ullrich and their 11 children.  It has been said that the two story 20X30 foot cabin was built in one day near Sebewaing.  At that time neighbors helped each other with home and barn raisings.  Many of the items in the cabin were the original property of the Ullrich‘s. 


BLACKSMITH SHOP - The village “smithy” was an important person in the life of pioneers.  Besides shoeing horses, the blacksmith made tools, nails, guns, chains, kitchen and fireplace utensils, mended wagons and plows and many other household needs.



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