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What Is It? Answers and Winners


1. Sugar Nippers Anyone who has ever opened the box of brown sugar that has been sitting in the rear of the cupboard for a few months to get a tablespoon or two for a favorite recipe will have no trouble understanding the function of sugar nippers. Eighteenth-century Americans purchased crystallized white sugar in cones, which were usually wrapped in blue paper; sugar nippers were the preferred tool for biting off a small chunk. Although a cleaver or a hammer might do the job as effectively, sugar nippers brought style and efficiency to this common household chore.

2.Tap Boring Tool Barrel taps or boring tools were used to bore a hole into a large barrel so that a tap could be inserted.



3. Baby food pusher As children grow to the age when they start to use silverware they still can't seem to get the food into the bowl of the spoon or on the fork. Hence the food pusher to help them get the food together and into the spoon!

4. Fish Decoys Ice Spearing fish decoys began with Native Americans. The decoys were used to attract fish to bring them close enough to spear them through the ice holes.

Styles of fish decoys are as numerous as the carver's imagination.


5.Darning Egg A darning egg is an egg-shaped ovoid of stone, porcelain, wood, or similar hard material, which is inserted into the toe or heel of the sock to hold it in the proper shape and provide a firm foundation for repairs. When the repairs are finished, the darning egg is removed.


6.Sheep Shears  Some sheep are sheared manually with scissors or hand blades. While some farmers shear their own sheep, many hire professional sheep shearers.
7.Pony Brass bridle Rosette  Polished harness brass bridle rosettes, embellished with vintage decorative pieces.

8. Ash Sifter

A late 19th century, homemade, manually operated ash sifter, roughly hewn, nailed together of old boards found around the home, with broom stick, shaker handle and 1/8 inch galvanized screening, etched and eroded through the effects of prolonged use, in sifting ash so as to reuse the unburned, and partially burned pieces of coal, a simple made at home energy conservation technology, Circa 1898.

9.Maple Tree Spiles Between the Civil War and the mid-twentieth century several other innovations took place in the maple sugar industry.  Metal spouts (spiles) replaced wooden ones,
10. GEM OIL FLASK - Steel flask for holding lubricating oil for the drilling machines in the mines, 4 ¼ in. die, marked GEM MFG. CO. PITTSBURGH, PA, e
11.Husking Peg Husking pegs were important because they helped farmers that were harvesting corn by hand to strip the husks off the ears of corn. They could grab an ear with one hand and usually with one motion and with the help of the husking peg, peel the husk off with the other.
12. Pie Lifter Pie lifters were used to take the pie out of the hot oven, they came in many shapes and sizes.
13.Egg Separator Trying to separate the egg yolk from the egg white is no easy undertaking sometimes. With this Egg Separator, the job is much simpler.  Crack the egg over the center of the separator. As you do, the egg white simply slides through, leaving the yolk on top
14. Bucket Lifter Bucket lifters  were used to retrieve the bucket from a well. Many were handmade.
15. Betty Lamp The Betty lamp is thought to be of German, Austrian, or Hungarian origin. The Betty Lamp first came into use in the 18th century. They were commonly made of iron or brass and were most often used in the home or workshop. These lamps burned fish oil or fat trimmings and had wicks of twisted cloth


8   8/13 Luigi Franciosi     South Lyon

8   8/14 Dale Melson         Caseville

7   8/14 Jami Renhold       Sebewaing

6   8/13 Dave & Sherry Boers, Jim & Maryann O’Connor




l.   Tropical Hodgepodge:  Judi Seidlitz

2.  Cottage Outfitters:  Janet Ekel

3.  Fun in the Sun:  Diane Mossner

4.  True Value Hardware: Felecea Geiger

5.  Riverside gift certificate:  Ande Latosic

6.  Fun in the Sun:  Kim Gollum

7.  Light up Flamingo: Pat Trongo

8.  Thumb National Bank: Rosemarie Cregeir

9.  Tasty Treat Basket: Vida Fluegge

10. Sandy Shores: Janet Ekel

10. Sandy Shores: Scott Meyersiecle

11. Parrot Basket: Kim Simpson

12. Charity Island Gift Basket: Judi Seidlitz

13. Independent Bank:  Sherry Hoelzle

14. Wine Basket: Dan Calabrese













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